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ITD21, Luxemburg

I.T.D. 21 sa, created in 1999 and based in Luxembourg, is a SME supplier of water treatment equipments and environmental technologies. I.T.D. 21 stands for professional water treatment laying utmost emphasis on hygienic securing of water of any kind be it drinking water, industrial water in drinking water quality, swimming-pool water, industrial water, product or gray water as well as sewage water and environmental friendly solutions.

For the sake ofconvenience, human been has always sought to ensure sufficient quantity and quality. Often these two concerns induce managers to take preventive measures.

Concern 1: quantitative aspects.

Large water users are : 

  • Agriculture,
  • Industry,
  • Domestic consumption

Concern 2 : qualitative aspects

Throughout the distribution chain, the water quality may degrade at different levels as: 

  • Stagnant water, ground water or infiltrated water sources by sewage
  • The decay and water cuts pipelines and feeding networks 
  • Biofilm formation generating bacterial colonies like legionella in distribution channel of public institutions and buildings, 
  • Retention reservoirs

Among the many  microorganisms conveyed by water, we can cite viruses, bacterias, parasites and protozoa; when the quantity of these exceeds a threshold set  by WHO, they become pathogenic and therefore pollutants capable of generating epidemics.

For this reason we present advantageous solutions for water treatment and water management allowing acting in a safety-oriented way through sustainable product solutions, management and servicing.

In this line the central objectives are:

  • Ensuring water quality
  • Securing water supply
  • Protection of water resources and environment
  • Zero risk technique

For ex. the EC disinfection system generates a disinfectant ensuring risk-free water treatment, distribution, storage and transport. The disinfectant can be adjusted according to requirements and/or preferences. This process conformable with chlorination is certified by DIN as well as by the UN and WHO and is in compliance with all current national and international regulations as to water treatment. The EC performs without any additives with low energy demand, making possible a safe and environmental friendly operation.

This very sustainable system performs with stability for long time, has an extremely low maintenance and is simple to use. It guarantees no recontamination of water up to several days. The additional variant of solar powered process with optional use of conventional battery systems as off-grid operation makes this technology very beneficial for rural and isolated locations.

The main disinfectant species generated by the EC are hypochlorous acid and several oxygen based compounds.

The EC system  treatment is able to put right this type of degradation of water quality.


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